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Geriatrics Elective Medical Courses

Most medical students as they pursue their career will largely be providing care to older patients. We offer opportunities for medical students to receive training and enhance their knowledge of Geriatrics. The list below are available elective medical courses in Geriatrics. 

MED 279: Introduction to Geriatrics Pre-Clerkship

  • Available to 1st & 2nd year medical students
  • 9-week rotation
Course description:

The scope of this pre-clerkship educational experience is to gain an introduction to the field of geriatrics and the care of older adults. In this course, students will gain individual mentorship and exposure to career options within the field of geriatrics and/or geriatric sub-specialties through hands-on experiences with a preceptor(s). The focus of the course will not be on mastering all diagnoses within the field of geriatrics, but to learn about the various health challenges faced by older adults, as well as to become more mindful healers and communicators. Through active engagement in the clinical setting and under the guidance and mentorship of preceptors, students will begin to appreciate the importance of older adult care regardless of the students’ future chosen medical field.

MED 410: Introduction to Geriatrics - Caring for Your Older Patients

  • Available to 3rd year medical students
  • 2-week rotation

Course description:

This course is designed to provide medical students with a broad overview of the unique medical concerns of an older adult population and the field of geriatrics. It includes exposure to clinical care provided in a variety of settings, including outpatient primary care, skilled nursing, senior behavioral health, inpatient consult, and specialized dementia care. Students will learn about the most common geriatric syndromes, along with the importance of preventive care, assessing functional status, addressing memory concerns and dementia, and the benefits of an interdisciplinary team approach to the provision of care.

MED 452: Clinical Geriatrics

  • Available to 4th year medical students
  • 4-week rotation

Course description:

This four-week elective course is designed to provide medical students with an overview of geriatrics, along with the unique medical concerns of an older adult population. Students receive an introduction to clinical care in a variety of settings, including outpatient, inpatient geriatric psychiatry, specialized dementia care, RCFE’s, extended hospital care, adult day care, and neuropsychological testing. Students will gain knowledge of geriatrics syndromes and important geriatric proficiencies, in addition to good preventive care and the recommended general approach to care for the older adult patient. Case-based learning and an interdisciplinary team approach are emphasized. Clinical and didactic instruction methods are used.


If interested in learning more please contact Laura Jimenez, Geriatrics Education and Research Training Coordinator at